When a Person Floats in a Floatation Tank...

they spend time in an environment where their nervous system is free of external stimuli. With close to 1,000 pound of Epsom Salt mixed into 10 inch of water, your body floats effortlessly and relaxed completely. Floating limits the external stimulation from gravity on your body and mind.

The water in the tank is heated to skin temperature approximately 94 degrees. Floating limits stimulation from external temperature changes on  your body. The tank has no light, offering your mind a break from constant visual stimulation in our modern world. The Tank is designed to eliminate as much external sound as possible. This creates a unique environment, away from phones, the media and other everyday sounds


The reduction of the stimuli of gravity, changes of temperature, light and sound frees up circuitry in the mind for people to relax and reduce stress. People who float regularly also report a reduction in chronic physical pain. Perhaps most importantly, when a person floats, they have the chance to examine how they think and relate to other people. They may discover ways to improve their relationships. Often this starts by observing where one’s internal reality is out of balance with external reality.


Relieves Stress

Helps reduce chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia and other stress-related conditions by calming the nervous system, slowing the heart rate, and lowering blood pressure

Promotes Rest

Floating helps with insomnia and is more restful than a nap.

Creativity Solutions

Enhances insight and helps people find solutions to their personal and professional problems.

Reduces Pain

from conditions such as arthritis, fimbromyalgia, muscle tension, and muscular/skeletal injuries



for athletes by removing lactic acid from muscles.

Floating offers a safe and stress free environment where you can take a break from everyday stresses of daily life.

Click the links below to find more studies about Floating Therapy:  



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