Included in the price is: 


A Private Room with shower

Towels, toiletries and hair care products

Ear Plugs for your float

Unlimited use of our Vanity Room and Relaxation Lounge

Prices and Packages 

Regular Pricing

60 min Float - $85

90 min Float - $110

Two Hour Float - $135

Student, Military, Senior - $65 (60 min Float)

Current Deals


Bring Your Guest - Two Floats for $99 

Bring Two Guests  - Three Floats for $149 

*Each of you have to Float at the same time (everyone gets their own private room).

To make an appointment online, please book one float at a time or, if you prefer, please call us and we will book the floats for you.

Offers valid until November 30th. 

First Time Float Special- $65.00 (60 min Float) - One month expiration.

First Time Float Package Special – $180.00 (3 x 60 Minute floats) - Six month expiration.

(Only First Time Visit)


Float Package/Series

3 Pack / 60-minute Floats $225

All packages are shareable


New Member Special

  • $69 Monthly

  • Includes one float/month

  • Members can purchase additional floats for only $55

  • Paid floats rollover and don’t expire for active members

  • Cancel anytime with just 30 days’ notice

Unlimited Floats

  • $210/month per person

  • $350/month for family membership

  • Float as often as you like

  • Unlimited Members can Float up to 90-minutes!

  • Cancel anytime with just 30 days’ notice

  • Family plan includes two people

Floating is an experience and the effects of floating accumulate over time.  Just like you wouldn’t meditate once and expect to be a master, or begin a new exercise routine and expect to meet your goals overnight, floating is a journey.  Floating encourages us to step into the deep places of ourselves.

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