Your mind is either your strongest tool or the very thing working against you.  See, from early childhood you began programming how you would perceive your world.  As adults, we want to be aware of how our minds work so we can begin taking advantage of this new awareness.  Understanding what it is we believe to be real will give us a foundation to make real changes to our reality.  Are you ready to begin building knowledge for yourself?

Introduction to the Art of Rewriting

Next Available Dates: January 21, 22, & 23 (6pm to 10pm)

February 8 & 9 (10am to 4pm)

*You can participate in the live webinar at your own home or at our facility in New Jersey.


It’s been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Yet, that’s exactly what people do when they use the same thoughts and behaviors to approach a goal each time they go at it.  Why would anyone do this?  Well, the reason is that the thoughts we use to try to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves reside outside of our awareness.  So, it’s no wonder that we run into the same roadblocks again and again. 

Introduction to the Art of Rewriting is the first of our three-part workshop series for learning how to deliberately modify neural programs and write new ones to accomplish whatever you set your sights on.  This workshop is done in live webinar format.  It takes place either over the course of a weekend (both Saturday or Sunday) or over three consecutive weeknights (typically, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).  It is called Introduction to the Art of Rewriting because it is designed to introduce the concepts of how a memory (e.g. a neural program) can be altered to work better for you.  This skill is essential if you want to change those thoughts that have worked against you in trying to accomplish your goals. 

Through the writing of an 11-step practice program you will get the experience to observe how you look at the world and where there are places in how you think that limit you.  The Introduction to the Art of Rewriting workshop is the beginning of a transformational process of rewriting your view of the world and the patterns programmed in your mind from early in life that no longer serve you in the present.   


Workshop Facilitator:

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

Ken Kaplan is one of the lead facilitators of the Introduction to the Art of Rewriting workshop.  Ken is a serial entrepreneur who has devoted his career to understanding the central role that thoughts and perceptions play in our ability to accomplish our personal and professional goals.  He is an owner and co-founder of Kaplan, Williams, Graffeo & Stern, a business law firm that provides a full suite of corporate law services to businesses throughout the tri-state area.  He is also the founder and owner of Quantum Floats, a floatation tank center in New Jersey. 

Ken spends most of his time these days assisting his clients in building for themselves a practical skillset they can use to modify the thoughts that stand in the way of becoming the best version of themselves possible.  The groundwork for this skillset starts with the Introduction to the Art of Rewriting workshop.  Ken has been teaching this workshop for almost 10 years.  When Ken first encountered this work he was blown away by the experience.  In his own words:

“During the workshop, I encountered some thoughts that he didn’t care to look at.  There were times when the experience was like being caught red handed doing something - all the while arguing that I wasn’t really doing the thing that everyone in the class could observe I was doing.  You may be wondering what’s the big deal?  It’s just a thought, right?  No harm looking at a thought or modifying it?  That’s true, but examining my innermost thoughts brought up for me some things that I didn’t want to look at or that I was embarrassed about.  So when these thoughts came up I had a choice like everyone else who goes through a similar process:  modify the thought so it worked better for me, or ignore it.  I dealt with it, which I can tell you caused me to break out in a cold sweat at times, but in the end was one of the most remarkable and rewarding experiences of my life.  Think about it.  When you experience changing a thought, you no longer live in a world where you have to be prisoner of your own thoughts.”

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