David Marino

Just a wonderful experience. From the warm welcome of the staff for my first float to allaying any reservations and concerns to the actual float itself. A 10/10 and I signed up for 2 floats a month. I was apprehensive about how my high strung self would react to the serene and sensory free environment. Once I got in and got comfortable, I was immediately at ease and let the experience run it’s course. It was truly amazing and I so glad I went. Can’t wait for my next. It’s a game changer.

 I had an amazing experience at Quantum Floats. It was my first time floating so I did not know what to expect. The owner of the business took the time to tell me everything I needed to know. The float rooms are very clean, neutral and calming. The people are very caring and helpful. 
Floating is the best thing I have done for my mental well being. I was able to get in to and stay in a meditative state almost immediately after getting in the tank. When it was over I felt such peace and clarity. 
I would highly recommend floating at Quantum Floats.

I have floated about 6 times now and find that the experience is so amazing. It helps me to relax and focus. The other great thing is that the amount of epson salts in the water helps all of my joints and gives me a tremendous feeling of peace. To find a place that is quiet, dark and allows me to let my body totally relax is a priceless experience. Once you do it you realize how much stress you are really carrying around. Quantum Floats is clean, spa-like and the people there are passionate about giving you an amazing experience!

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