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Many people use floating for rest and relaxation, but there is much more to floatation than meets the eye. Our workshops, beginning with Introduction to the Art of Rewriting, are where our clients develop the skills to modify the very thoughts that cause the stress in their lives and prevent them from accomplishing their goals.


"Your mindset matters. It affects everything - from the business and investment decisions you make, to the way you raise your children, to your stress levels and overall well-being."

- Peter Diamonds

Your mind is either your strongest tool or the very thing working against you.  See, from early childhood you began programming how you would perceive your world.  As adults, we want to be aware of how our minds work so we can begin taking advantage of this new awareness.  Understanding what it is we believe to be real will give us a foundation to make real changes to our reality.  Are you ready to begin building knowledge for yourself?

Introduction to the Art of Rewriting

Next Available Dates: September 23, 24 & 26

*You can participate in the live webinar at your own home or at our facility in Bedminster, New Jersey.


It’s been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Yet, that’s exactly what people do when they use the same thoughts and behaviors to approach a goal each time they go at it.  Why would anyone do this?  Well, the reason is that the thoughts we use to try to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves reside outside of our awareness.  So, it’s no wonder that we run into the same roadblocks again and again. 

Introduction to the Art of Rewriting is the first of our three-part workshop series for learning how to deliberately modify neural programs and write new ones to accomplish whatever you set your sights on.  This workshop is done in live webinar format.  It takes place either over the course of a weekend (both Saturday or Sunday) or over three consecutive weeknights (typically, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).  It is called Introduction to the Art of Rewriting because it is designed to introduce the concepts of how a memory (e.g. a neural program) can be altered to work better for you.  This skill is essential if you want to change those thoughts that have worked against you in accomplishing your goals. 

Through the writing of an 11-step practice program you will get the experience to observe how you look at the world and where there are places in how you think that limit you.  The Introduction to the Art of Rewriting workshop is the beginning of a transformational process of rewriting your view of the world and patterns programmed in your mind from early in life that no longer serve you in the present.   


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The second workshop in the 3-part series is the Art of Rewriting (the “Rewrite”).  

In the Art of Rewriting workshop, you use the same 11-step process which is introduced in the first introductory seminar and apply it to rewrite an early childhood program/memory.  For each of us there are events from our childhood where we decided something was real about the world. You can call these “beliefs in real”.  Because we were young and lacking experience, the way we viewed the world may or may not align with how the world actually is.  The programs/memories that do not align with reality can be changed so they do align. In rewriting those programs/memories we are able to live our lives in a way that better serves what we want to accomplish.


 The rewrite is typically done using a business communication platform called "Slack".  You will be assigned to one or more facilitators who will guide you as you rewrite a belief in real.

Watch the video for more information.


The third workshop in our 3-part programming series is called Program Theory & Application.  Program Theory covers the reasons why rewriting a memory/program works, as well as introducing the participants to a series of basic programming tools to understand how one can begin updating their thinking machinery. 


This workshop takes place over the course of eleven consecutive weeks.  The class meets in live webinar format once each week (usually Sunday evening) to go over the materials for that week.  Participants login from their homes.  The class is presented by a facilitator.


Like all of our workshops, participation is required in order to grasp the materials.  Discussion about the material allows participants to apply the concepts, thereby learning more about themselves and how their thinking machinery operates. 


Online discussions take place during the week to enhance understanding of the material.


Participants can take Program Theory at the same time they are working on their Rewrite and Program Theory is often helpful in completing the Rewrite. 

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We shall require a substantively new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.

-Albert Einstein

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